African Designers For Tomorrow 2018

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Fashion design in Ethiopia is rapidly flourishing with Addis Ababa boosting a number of natively made leather bags and shoes as well as dapper ready to wear by the city’s young up-and-coming designers. Ethiopia’s low start-up costs and high-quality eco-friendly production techniques have ensured that new designers are creating successful brands that are garnering international attention. The establishment of organisations like Ethiopian Fashion Designers Association and events like Hub of Africa Fashion week has enabled fashion designers to meet and interact with international fashion industry insiders as such propelling them into the global market. For the third edition of African Designer’s For Tomorrow, FA254 together with the German International Cooperation is working on bringing 4 designers from Addis Ababa to the Berlin fashion week as a way of ushering them into the international market so mark your calendars for this prestigious event. Meanwhile, check out some of the up-and-coming designers shaping Addis Ababa into an emerging fashion city.

  1. Ayni Ayele

2. Ejib Tebeb

3. Fetel Design

4. Yefikir Design

5. Mafi

6. Samra Leather

7. TG’SH

8. Lali Zinnar

9. Tiyaa

10.  Meron by Leather Exotica