Brand edit is an augmentation of Fashion Africa 254, – bringing FA254 to another level. The project will exhibit the top African brands that make uprisings in their particular countries within a process of extensive curatorship while fostering and encouraging collaborations and partnerships with various German-speaking markets.

We have curated an index of exceptionally regarded African brands from German-talking nations, specifically: Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Fashion Africa 254 will allow each African brand and designer to work with one of those world-leading country representatives to develop and cultivate a connection, partnership by offering them a safe, trustworthy and sustainable platform to trade in their retail spaces.

Our channel is committed to interfacing African and European brands by furnishing both with a prominent chance to extend outside their usual range of familiarity and arrive at new statures. By building these worldwide scaffolds, we trust the force of cooperation to bring worth and value across new business sectors.