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About FA254

FA254 is an international social business aiming to enhance the development of African and European fashion industries by being the unifier between both continents through style creativity and brand collaborations.
Founded in 2013 by Waridi – Wardah, FA254 believes in African designers and invests in their potential as enablers of change, or as we like to call them – Style Movers.  We discover, connect, and channel Africa and Europe’s Style Movers to bring about an exchange of expertise and knowledge. 
With more than ten years in business, FA254 has successfully worked with brands, designers, institutions to ignite a spark of change.
+2 is the code connecting the world to 54 vibrant African countries.

Our Mission

Our Mission

 “Innovation and exchange as a channel for transformation”


Fashion Africa 254 believes in innovation and exchange as a channel for transformation. We are committed to our belief that creative minds are not only the future but they are also a robust force of inspiration for the NOW. Africa’s creatives emerge as leaders and enablers for this transformation.

We believe that initiatives surrounding education, business, and artistic collaborations are needed to sustain the viability within the creative industries. We continue in our mission to catalyse the conversation of change that will lead us to craft new narratives for Africa. In this journey, we want to inspire people to be part of the movement.



Project Assistant East Africa

Anne is FA254’s project assistant for East Africa. She manages tailors club and all aspects of social media including promoting and marketing. She has experience in fashion, marketing, social media, farming, communications, and tourism.

Daniela holguin

Project manager

Daniela is in charge of planning and reporting the different projects and initiatives that FA254 proposes. Daniela is the Sustainability expert, she is the one double-checking FA254’s projects and initiatives within the social, economic, and environmental aspects. 

Lusanda Kori

Community Manager

Lusanda is a South African born creative, she is a filmmaker working as a freelance production Coordinator/Manager. She has experience in the advertising industry as an Account Manager. She owns her own fashion label called Ntombobom Designs, a brand that celebrates Xhosa culture by giving traditional Xhosa attire a very modern twist.

Faith Katunga


Faith is a Fashion & Culture Promoter, E-Business, and Content Writer whose expertise lies in Research, Compiling & Writing on various topics including Fashion, Art, Travel, and Culture for web & print publications.


Valentina quijano

Digital Marketing

Valentina is our Marketing Zen, she is the one behind FA254’s digital marketing strategies.

Valentina is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and visionaries with creative and social thinking making their projects work. She believes marketing and communications are powerful tools that should be used to develop great ideas and move people to pursue wonderful causes.



Waridi – Wardah


The person who embodies and is the brainchild behind Fashion Africa 254 is former top model Waridi – Wardah.  Born in Kenya and based in Berlin since 1993, Waridi has built herself a thriving career in the international fashion business with over 24 years of experience in the industry. Her journey from East Africa to the top fashion shows of New York and London is a glowing example of the pioneering spirit and how talents from developing countries can reach and succeed in the fast-paced international fashion industry. Her work experience and passion for Africa brought her to the realisation that more emerging talents should have access to international skills training programs and networks. With FA254, Waridi wants to contribute to her native country and the African continent, by delivering key knowledge and expertise from the international fashion industry. As an ambassador for many African projects, she is regarded as a trusted voice for Africa. Her mission, as she sees it, is to find ways that will drive Africa’s progress and to encourage a positive attitude of belief in the possibility of change. Waridi trusts in African Talents and believes that fashion is the perfect tool to brand the continent. She is also “Vogue Germany Contributor for Africa”

Kubadilisha mawazo
Changing minds