"Kubadilisha mawazo"
Changing minds

About FA254

Fashion Africa 254 is a Berlin-based Fashion Office founded in 2013. We introduce and promote African creative brands into the European market through Brand Consulting, Public Relations, and E-Commerce.

At Fashion Africa 254, we create strategic partnerships between various talents from the African continent and established European entities.

Why 254? +2 is the area code connecting all 54 vibrant African

Our Mission

Our Mission

“Innovation and exchange as a channel for transformation”


At Fashion Africa 254, we believe in innovation and interaction as a channel for transformation. A creative mind not only shapes the future but strongly influences today.

Initiatives surrounding education, businesses, and artistic collaborations are necessary for the viability and thriving of the creative industries. Our mission is to shift the conversation and craft a new portrayal for the African continent.


Waridi Wardah


The brainchild behind Fashion Africa 254 and the Mtindo Book is former Top Model Waridi – Wardah. 
Waridi was born in Kenya and has been living in Berlin since 1993. Over the past 25 years, Waridi has built herself a thriving career in the international fashion business by branding Africa by discovering and promoting young and aspiring creatives via her ADFT series.
“Kubadilisha Mawazo”
Changing minds

Yaw Dabanka

External Project Manager

Yaw Dabanka has 20+ years of experience in the fashion industry. Born and raised in Germany to Ghanaian parents, he has worked and lived in various countries: Germany, Ghana, and the Netherlands, developing a sound knowledge of multi-cultural and functional business practices. His expertise ranges from brand development to consulting and strategic advisory.

Lusanda Kori

Community Manager

Lusanda is a South African born creative, she is a filmmaker working as a freelance production Coordinator/Manager. She has experience in the advertising industry as an Account Manager. She owns her own fashion label called Ntombobom Designs, a brand that celebrates Xhosa culture by giving traditional Xhosa attire a very modern twist.

Mariami Apriamashvili

Communication Manager

Mariami Apriamashvili is a student majoring in International Relations and Development in. Currently based in France, Mari is passionate about working in multicultural teams. Her responsibility at FA254 includes holding and keeping communications between the team and the FA254 partners as well as document administration.

Lulit Amdemariam

External Production Manager

Lulit Amdemariam is the External Product Manager based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is an established writer and journalist with 12 years of experience in fashion curation and artistic direction.