BFW: Ethiopian Designers represent at Neonyt Exhibition

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Fashion Week in Berlin has filled the streets of the city, and people from all around the globe are swarming to events and exhibitions. Our fourth edition African Designers For Tomorrow participants have come back to display their new collection upon other Ethiopian Designers at Neonyt, the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation.

I picked my favourite pieces and asked each Designer to give a statement to their brand.

“A sustainable and ethical Brand that trains and employs women in Ethiopia.”
LALI “From the fabric to the finishing.”
AFAR “Handmade. Zebu Leather. Naturally dyed.”
SABAHAR “Sustaining handweaving in Ethiopia”
YEFIKIR “A whole rounded development model through fashion.”
MERON “It’s in the details.”

The lovely corner devoted to Ethiopia’s creativity was organised and made possible by Giz (Deutsche  Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit).