Why Creative Futures Is What You Should Be Looking Forward To

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Fashion Africa 254’s efforts to train the African fashion industry were shining through its collaboration with the British Council, Goethe-Institut and iceaddis to bring about Creative Futures Contest, Talented Ethiopian Designers go International. Creative Futures, the two year programme aimed at strengthening and growing the creative sectors in Ethiopia announced Mahlet Afework, the creative mind behind the brand Mafi as the winner of the contest. Maflet who will present her sample collection at the Hub of Africa Fashion Week in October 201, received mentorship as well as guidance, and advice in developing her products by a team of professionals organised by  FA254.

Receiving professional training as a fashion designer is vital in the development of the skills of the designer which in turn leads to the growth of the industry and creative futures is making sure such progress is made in the African fashion industry. The program which is set to return next year will continue to work with artists and arts practitioners in Ethiopia to support them to further develop the local audience for Ethiopian arts. We have compiled a list of why you as a fashion designer, should not miss this opportunity to further your design and business skills and should look forward to being part of Creative Futures next year.

THERE ARE BUSINESS AND MARKETING SKILLS TRAININGS                                                                              

Creative futures offers this course designed to assist artists in taking a more business-like approach to the management of their talent. The course includes modules such as business planning, costing and pricing, intellectual property, finances audience development.


The international networking program’s first phase conducts workshops across the fashion, photography and film sectors to help identify specific areas for potential development and international engagement.


Participants are first engaged in training programs where they are taken through the basics of event management and promotion. Once training has been completed participants attending at least 80% of the course end up getting an invite to submit proposals for up €300 of funding towards.


The activities of innovation month broadly fit into three areas. The first is a workspace equipped with basic materials and is designed to be a place where creative practitioners can come to work, share ideas, collaborate, innovate, network and learn. Innovation means products that sell. Products that sell make a successful designer and thus a growing fashion industry.


During Hub of Africa, the winning designer gets to exhibit his/her collection and showcase it to international buyers present at the event thereby increasing his/her marketing potential.

As the saying goes, ‘It is better to be an hour early than a minute late’ so get yourself ready for the next round of Creative Futures and be part of Africa’s growing fashion industry.You can learn more about the program here.