MTINDO Style Movers Rebranding Africa


Hard cover Format portrait 20 x26, 208 pages, colour photographs

Editor: Waridi Schrobsdorff
Photographies: Daniele Tamagni
Publisher: Skira Editore

In Mtindo, award-winning photographer Daniele Tamagni and editor Waridi Schrobsdorff capture a new young generation of creative minds – so-called “style movers” – who are today on the main scene of Africa. From musicians to artists and filmmakers, the aim of this photographic project is to present to the rest of the world the power of such a continent through arts and fashion. Arts, music and fashion are front line nowadays in many African cities that have become regional hubs for local and international artists. African bloggers, designers, photographers, are now redefining an image of their own “trend” and this is clearly shown in the book with an extraordinary powerful touch. The word MTINDO means “style” in Swahili, and yet “movement”. This photographic project is the expression of the movement “Rebranding Africa”.

With the collaboration of: Melissa Drier, Reiner Opoku, Stephan Erfurt, Volker Diehl, Sara Maino.


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