AMD Workshop

With our Workshops, We want you to reach your full potential.

We plan and organize workshops adapted to the participant’s requirements. The purpose of our workshops is to encourage creativity to be used for a good cause. Our methodology is based on the following building blocks:

High-quality knowledge: Our participants receive the high-quality updated information. Every workshop is carefully prepared, our team of experts makes a special selection of the most up-to-date information.

Personalized mentorship: our one-on-one mentorship is pivotal for the development of our workshops. We believe it is important to open a bridge between the participants and the lecturer. We want to get closer to the participants and guide them through this journey.

We use our experiences as a learning tool. Our team together has more than 50 years of experience in different areas in fashion, sustainable development, sustainable fashion, marketing, content creation, and other skills and technical tools needed in the Industry.

The workshops can be held both Online and Offline.


  • AMD Akademie Mode & Design 

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Workshop Akademie Mode & Design (AMD) Germany
Lecturer: Waridi – Wardah

During the winter semester in 2020 FA254 offered a one-week workshop to the bachelor students in the program fashion journalism in AMD.

Main Topic: Finding your Uniqueness and Identity Foundation.

  • Giving the participants significant insights and knowledge about the importance of uniqueness and identity.
  • Guiding the participants to identify and explore their Unique Selling Points moved by purpose, Vision, and Mission.

“I really enjoyed the class, as I am convinced that it has a big impact on my personal self-identification and the way I want to be seen. It was so refreshing to get closer to myself again and also to see how others’ vision and point of view is. I am convinced that this little journey through the last four days has a positive influence on my self-reflection.”

-AMD Student