Roberta Annan

Founder and managing partner African Fashion Fundation

Roberta Annan is the Founder and Managing Partner of Annan Capital Partners (ACP), a sector agnostic specialized Boutique Investment Company created to increase investment attractiveness to the African continent and encourage engagement in sustainable projects impacting numerous lives in the process . The organization offers turn-key solutions that enable companies to attract, develop, and retain high-potential opportunities. At the Annan Capital Partners (ACP ), Roberta ANNAN works on a portfolio of assets in the Hospitality industry called the African Lifestyle Development Group (ALDG ).

The portfolio includes respected brands such as the sustainable luxury brand and risk capital provider Frallain Group; the luxury artisanal chocolate brand Avignon Chocolates based in Ghana; the community of impact-focused changemakers at Ethos Club as well as the ride-hailing company Agoo aimed at providing high- quality chauffeur services for corporate clients and tourists in Africa, to name but a few of her clients.