Wake up World- Africa is here

Fashion month has passed, and we can finally recover from the many impressions and the electric energy that floods the fashion capitols and reaches us through Social Media. New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks are classic, but we can’t help the feeling, that they are just a little old school. We seek for […]

10 Questions: Getting to know Mahlet Teklemariam

With HUB of Africa coming up, we wanted to get to know the founder and creator of the most exciting Fashion Week happening in the continent. Mahlet Teklemariam brought HUB of Africa to life with the vision of creating an event that would expose and highlight, great African design-talents to the international market. Generating a […]

An interview with the mind behind Victoria Grace: Jennifer Rönne

We welcome a great new creative mind to our Designers Directory. Jennifer Rönne is the owner and creator of the Victoria Grace Fashion Label, and Victoria Grace UK Ltd and Victoria Grace Enterprise Ltd Nigeria. Throughout her career, she has worked with Condé Nast Vogue, Calvin Klein merchandising and as an independent Fashion PR agent. […]

A Burst of Creativity: Jambo Fashion Affair

On the sixth and seventh of July, Tanzania’s most promising designers came together in the city of Arusha. With Kelly Konings (NL, previously H&M Group, Won Hundred and Viktor&Rolf) standing behind this years “Explore Creativity” gathering; she connected with seven of the most creative heads, to dig deeper into their creativity and to explore where […]

7 Questions: Getting to know Adama Paris

Raised in Europe as the daughter of Diplomats Adama Ndiaye established her successful fashion Brand, Adama Paris. She built her empire all-around showing the beauty and creativity of Africa on several platforms like Dakar Fashion Week, the African Fashion Awards, Black Fashion Week and the Fashion Africa Channel. For this week’s Blogpost, we asked Adama […]

BFW: Ethiopian Designers represent at Neonyt Exhibition

Fashion Week in Berlin has filled the streets of the city, and people from all around the globe are swarming to events and exhibitions. Our fourth edition African Designers For Tomorrow participants have come back to display their new collection upon other Ethiopian Designers at Neonyt, the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation. I […]

Dior Cruise 2020 Show: Wax Fabrics from the Mother Continent

The Dior cruise show took strong inspiration from traditional African wax fabrics and glass beads. Flowing gowns, shirts, two-pieces and suits all made from Kitenge fabric. The opinions about the Dior cruise collection 2020 splits. Especially people coming from an African background, feel irritated about their use of the textile. The African wax print is […]

Waridis thoughts: sustainability starts in your closet

“I was questioning myself about how we can save the earth when we are producing, selling and buying nonstop. What came to my mind was that for human beings, a disaster has to happen, for us to act on problems that were there all along. Now the topic of sustainability in the fashion industry is […]

Fashion with a Political Statement

Fashion and politics have always had a close relationship, believe it or not. What we wear, how we wear it and when we wear it, have proven to be an expression of our influences and our social freedom. Using everyday clothes, to deliberate a political outlook has been used by many people in the past […]

Street Style Duo: Clint Malik and Moh Mckenzie

We all know the frustrating feeling of not knowing what to wear. Constantly seeking fashion inspiration in a world of abundance, I came across Moh Mckenzie and Clint Malik. Integrating everyday object of their life into their Instagram photos, the street style duo established their own creative signature, and as a result, were even featured […]

Berlin Fashion Week / Green Showroom

The green showroom is a fashion fair, where materials and designs are displayed against the rundown concrete of the Kraftwerk warehouse. This summer over 50 brands showcased their creations and our Addis designers were right in the middle of it. As I entered the warehouse, escaping from the blazing heat outside, it was like stepping […]