Life Imitates Art

Fashion has had dynamic meaning and changes through the decades. Consciously or unconsciously, it has always been a significant part of our lives. At first, its primary purpose was to serve as pieces of cloth that covered our bare bodies and nothing more. However, over time, as civilization evolved, fashion evolved with it. From its basic form, it started to form into the expressive arts that soon took over the world with trends and the desire to look expensive and desirable since fashion pieces were not available for the lower classes. 

To preserve fashion’s created meaning and purpose of being an expressive art and maintain its couture expensiveness ‚Äď selection within the social classes, an American fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert established the Met Gala, originally called the Costume Institute Gala, in 1843 for New York’s high society. The Met Gala takes place annually on the first Monday of May, has different themes each year, and is the most significant event in the industry.¬†

Diana Vreeland, center, surrounded by models and actresses wearing costumes and masks for the Romantic and Glamorous Hollywood Design exhibition, 1974.Photograph by Francesco Scavullo / Condé Nast / Getty

In the history of the Gala’s existence, 2020 was the only year the Met Gala was not held due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The cancellation of the most spectacular costume reception at the Metro Museum was preceded by the exhibition¬†About Time: Fashion and Duration. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the exhibition had to be streamed live, showing the historical exhibits that featured a 150-year history of the fashion industry that combined the unique costumes and the cult designers from the 1870s to the present.

Met Gala 2020 Exhibition – About Time: Fashion and Duration

The fashion industry is changing; what is relevant today might be erased from the style by the next year. But, despite its unpredictable nature, fashion always ways its ways to come back. Met Gala 2022 is no exception, and the organizers of this year’s event gave us the pleasure of diving back in time and looking at the ‘gilded glamour’ this Monday! Corsets, gowns, tiaras, and luxurious hair. Yes, this year’s theme is the extravaganza of relevancy and power in fashion, which means we will see the Met’s guest list straight out of Bridgerton and Jane Austen’s novels, and, frankly, I could not be happier about it. 

Only a few days are left until the biggest and the most anticipated event in the fashion industry, and all eyes are directed at the celebrities, hoping they understand the assignment. Well, if not, everybody is up for the meme culture, and either way, we will not be disappointed! And remember, life imitates art!

Winona Ryder as May Welland in The Age of Innocence, set in the start of the Gilded Age.

By Tamar Petashvili