The Natural Mums Company and Organic Substances

As the times change, our perception of self-care changes with it. Through the lens of fashion, previous decades turned out to be highly toxic not only to our mental and physical health but also to the environment. As a result, implementing natural products came to be quite arduous at first, but thankfully not impossible.

Why is it so important to use natural products? РYou might ask! Well, here are the foremost reasons. First, natural skincare products are eco-friendly Рsynthetic substances are more likely to harm flora and fauna while producing certain chemical ingredients. In contrast, natural manufacturing products do not experiment on animals.  They are safer and packed with beneficial nutrients and vitamins. In fact, organic skincare products are less likely to cause allergic reactions, inflammations, or irritations.

Throughout our exploration, we came across The Natural Mums’ Company that produces a hundred percent natural skincare products. Neha Parmar-Sahi – the founder of The Natural Mums’ Company, took us on the Journey of the idea behind creating the products. Neha’s Journey to natural skincare products started about five years ago when she became a mom: “my general interest in skincare came as a natural change for me.¬† I was going through birth and kids, and I started getting conscious about what I was putting on my skin. So that’s when I first switched over to just natural plant-based skincare. And then when I moved back to the country (Kenya), and I had my second son, I started the company with my first product, which was my lactation tea.”

The Natural Mums’ Company uses organic ingredients from all around the continent of Africa that allows Neha to be more diverse with her products: “I was obsessed with using local products, and I would spend hours with local oils, and I knew, as I tested all the Marula oils, and I had my own thing, and then I found my sort of balance.” Moreover, the founder states that she had tried to play around with different textures and different colors, “it’s all about the texture and smell.”

While interviewing Neha, she brought her products for me to try on. Each product was different and unique in its way: textures, smells, and colors. The creams had a natural, organic aroma and were sensual to the skin. It’s such a pleasure to know that everything was plant-based and unadulterated with synthetic materials.

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by Waridi Wardah