Wake up World- Africa is here

Fashion month has passed, and we can finally recover from the many impressions and the electric energy that floods the fashion capitols and reaches us through Social Media. New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks are classic, but we can’t help the feeling, that they are just a little old school. We seek for young fresh talents, never seen before creations and reinventions of our favourite pieces. We want to discover names we have never heard of, and be the first to teach our friends. Every year we change and evolve into a better and improved version of ourselves, so with every year, we seek for new trends that will represent our growth. New York, London and Paris better watch their backs because the world is not sleeping on Africa anymore.
We chose our favourite looks from Joburg, Adis Abeba and Dakar Fashion Week.

Scroll and get inspired by Africa’s greatness.

AFI Fashion Week / Joburg

Taibo Bacar -Picture by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo.
Eric Raisina -Picture by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

Hub Of Africa / Addis Abeba 

Clive Rundle -Picture by @hub_of_africa_addis
Yordi Design -Picture by @hub_of_africa_addis

Dakar Fashion Week

Adama Paris – Picture @dakarfashionweek
RakkyD -Picture @dakarfashionweek

Stay tuned for the upcoming fashion weeks: Lagos, Kinshasa, Dar es saalam, Accra.