Fashion News: Dakar Fashion Week

A celebration of colours and creativity was held last week in Dakar, brought to life by Adama Paris. Thirty of Africas most talented Designers had the opportunity to showcase their creations to the international guests attending.

Dakar Fashion Week

Sisters of Africa

Adama Paris explains to FA254 that Dakar Fashion Week is more than a Fashion Show and a Fashion event, its an experience of African culture, of Senegalese culture. A gathering where everyone can express different ways of their love for fashion. This year was especially amazing because the designers were super talented and really went down with their creativity.

Lupita Swagga

Also, she is glad that the platform is still what it is, which is an experience of our African culture and to show and meet other designers from African countries. To bridge the gap and let boarders not be an issue anymore, and where everyone can bond over their love for fashion and Africa.

Dakar Fashion Week

Moyo by Bibi


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