Talent Never Dies

With FA254s upcoming exhibition photography event where Waridi will present the MTINDO book in Luxembourg, we look back in remembrance of Daniele Tamagni.  

Daniele Tamagni was the creative eye behind Mtindo and captured the heart and soul of the book, and Waridis message, like no other. 

The award-winning photographers love for Africa shined through his work. Dedicating years of hard work into his project, he created powerful images with his own distinct signature. He began to take pictures of street styles and subcultures around the world in 2007, and ever since has been published in The Guardian Weekend, The Sunday Times of London, Rolling Stone, Corriere Della Sere, Vogue and many more. 

Daniele Tamagni sadly passed away last year in December, due to severe illness, but he lives on through his work, touching people by his amazing art.

Scroll down and see how the creative mastermind’s work speaks for itself.

Gentlemen of Bocongo


Driankè Diskette Dakar St Louis


Jozi Style Battles

Afro Metal



Don’t forget our Book  photography  exhibition tomorrow at Artscape Luxenbourg. Click here to find out more about the event.

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