Rebranding Africa

‚style is Attitude‘

As we are melting away in the blazing Berlin Sun. Waridi made her way back to Nairobi, where she met with visionary Kenyans, that are featured in FA254’s book Mtindo. Promoting the message of changing people’s minds and their perception of Africa, because Africa is changing, and so is its young generation. Mtindo is a dedication to acknowledging this new movement, which is currently happening on the continent. Movement of style is also the definition of the Swahili word Mtindo. Introducing young, sharp, creative minds, which are making use of the abundance their country has to offer. 

2 Many Siblings

This Kenyan brother sister blogger duo, Velma Rossa and Oliver Asike, share their love of style and art on their Blog 

2manysiblings ( Hunting down Nairobi’s Vintage stores, and drawing inspiration from the thriving capital of Kenya,  they create their one of a kind street style. Starting their blog as a hobby, the street style siblings caught the attention of several international publications with their editorials, like Vogue and I-D Magazine. Becoming a powerful voice for Kenyans fashion youth.



Michael Soi

The Kenyan Artist works in Nairobi since 1995. Completing his Fine art and Art History studies, he dedicates his Work to African Women, the issues they face, and how they are seen by men. 

Inspired by the contemporary life in Africa, its social, political and economic trends he produces brightly colored paintings with black outlines that send a message. 


‚style is accessorizing one’s life.’ 

Ng’endo Mukii

The talented independent filmmaker is based in Nairobi. She Graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006 and received her Master in 2012 from the Royal collage of Art. Ever since Ng’endo’s career in the Film Industry has taken flight. Being nominated and winning numerous awards, like the Silver Hugo for The Best Animated Short Film at the Chicago International Film Festival 2013 for Yellow Fever. She also was a Design Indaba 2015 Speaker and a Berlinale Talents 2014/15 Alum. The young talent holds international workshops and speaks as a guest lecturer.

‚Style is finding your pace, your movement and the way things flow fluidly within your life.‘

If you feel inspired and want to get to know more powerful minded Kenyan characters go ahead and get your copy of Mtindo: