Fashion Africa 254 provides a comprehensive set of valued added consumer products and services that are specifically tailored to our audience, partners, and clients. These services include:


Business Consulting

“Everything is about how you tell your story’’ FA 254 understands the individuality of each brand, tradition, and heritage. We are on top of what is needed to thrive in the German and Scandinavian markets, the latest trends, and will be your eyes and ears on the latest in the European fashion scene. Together we can take your brand to the next level, discover new challenges and possibilities for your business. FA 254 offers consultation services to African fashion designers about how to manage their businesses and brands, their design innovation and creativity in order to build their brands to an international level.

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Fashion Training

Our Fashion Training programs are done through a mix learning models of online and offline systems to improve the results of the trainee. The E-training system is specifically conceived for the developing world and has high-quality content with European education standards. It is affordable & accessible. The Tailors’ App and forthcoming E-courses are part of the E-training system. The off-line training is delivered through project-based, experiential pedagogical approaches, ongoing assessments, appropriate interventions and tracking of outcomes and learning as well as peer to peer evaluation.

Through collaboration with Training Institutions, FA 254 offers various off-line training opportunities to African Designers in accordance to what the needed skills are as a way to improve fashion designing on the continent. FA 254’s Partner institutions include

1. Fashion Schools and Universities (Mcensal School Nairobi)

2. African Fashion Weeks

3. EU Project

4. African Association of Fashion Designers

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Speaking opportunities

At FA 254 we are happy to share our expertise and insights with other leaders from the industry and people interested in Africa and the fashion industry. Book our founder and expert Waridi Schrobsdorff for panel discussions, round tables and networking events where FA 254 can add value and provide useful insights for the audience. 

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Fashion Africa 254 promotes and offers media exposure through different publishing platforms including the FA 245 blog is a key element of our online marketing and promotion initiative and gives you a chance to reach new customers, and to present a new business face to your existing customers.

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