Founded in 2013 by Waridi Schrobsdorff, Fashion Africa 254 is an international social business aiming to enhance the development of fashion industries in Africa and strengthen local markets. FA 254 invests in people through training opportunities which foster the exchange of expertise and knowledge between Africa and Europe. We present African fashion brands to the European market and connect emerging talents to international platforms. FA 254 aims to achieve international exposure and recognition of African brands and to increase their sales on a global scale. We discover and promote emerging talents in order to rebrand Africa through young and creative minds.

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Our Mission

What drives us

“Rebranding Africa by investing in people and education”

Fashion Africa 254 believes in fashion as a channel of communication and as the economic growth of a country, expressed through arts and creativity. We believe in fashion as a way of progress for the young generation of the continent, as well as an empowering agent for sustainable development in Africa. At FA 254, our mission is to strengthen and expand local African fashion industries by:

• Providing advanced quality education
• Enhancing local workers skills
• Expanding qualified production
• Fostering innovation and technology within local fashion industries
• Consolidating local textile industries to achieve international competitiveness

By training local people and generating possibilities for new business opportunities, we aim to infuence their quality of work and life in a positive way. We wish to enhance the young people's thirst for understanding fashion on an international level and we want African representation to grow within the fashion community at large. On our journey, we hope to inspire as many people as possible to be part of this vibrant movement of creative minds. Africa is now - and it's time to celebrate and promote contemporary African richness and creativity.

The mind behind the brand

Founder & CEO

The person who embodies and is the brainchild for the idea behind Fashion Africa 254 is former model Waridi Schrobsdorff. Born in Kenya and based in Berlin since 1993, Waridi has built herself a thriving career in the international fashion business with over 24 years of experience in the industry. Her journey from East Africa all the way to the top fashion shows of New York and London is a glowing example of the pioneering spirit and how talents from developing countries can reach and succeed in the fast-paced international fashion industry. Her work experience and passion for Africa brought her to the realization that more emerging talents should have access to higher-quality education, international fashion trainings and networks, and to opportunities requiring advanced professionalism and expertise. Through FA 254, Waridi wants to give her native country and the African continent key knowledge and expertise from the international fashion industry. As an ambassador for many African projects, she is regarded as a high profile and trusted voice for Africa.

Her mission, as she sees it, is to find ways that progress in Africa can be achieved and to encourage a positive attitude of belief in the possibility of change. Waridi trusts in the new talents of Africa and believes that fashion is the perfect tool to rebrand the continent. Africa is now.

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The Board of Advisors

External strategic Advice

The board of Fashion Africa 254 is comprised of influential business people who have managed to build global platforms for the growth of the international fashion industry:

Dr. Oliver Pabst - CEO of Mammut Sports Group Switzerland
Silvia Kadolsky - Former Director and Founder of Esmod University Berlin


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