5 Refreshing Spring Trends of 2019

The grey heaviness of winter has lifted and the rays of sunlight flood the city with the fresh colours of spring. Slowly but surely Berlin is coming back to life. The smell of new beginnings and change elevates our spirit and feeds our soul with inspiration and motivation.
New Year’s resolutions were made but quickly forgotten and only now, with spring knocking on our front door, we want the new and improved version of ourselves to open up.
So we can express our excitement for Spring accordingly and match our appearance to the rebirth of  our inner world, I’ve decided to gather inspirational Spring trends of 2019. So we can dress as fabulous as we feel.

This year’s Spring trends vary from understatement neutrals to screaming neons. Whether you like to keep it casual, or the streets of the city are your daily runway, these trends are sure to be an inspiration to everyone.

#1 Bike Shorts 

We certainly love leggings. Comfortable and easy to style. The cut off version is a no brainer this season! 


Laquan Smith

Street Style:

via The Fashion Spot


#2 Crochet

The reinvented 70s trend.


Ulla Johnson

Street Style:

via Just a Pretty Style


#3 Neutrals

Cover yourself from head-to-toe in neutral hues!


Max Mara

Street Style:

Gigi Hadid covered in neutrals


#4 Safari Jacket

Another 70s trend brought back to life and we love it!



Street Style:

via Getty Images


#5 Neons

This trend has only one rule: the brighter the better!


Jeremy Scott

Street Style:

chiara ferrigni in neon yellow


Stay tuned for exciting details on SA Fashion Week on next weeks post.