Fashion with a Political Statement

Fashion and politics have always had a close relationship, believe it or not. What we wear, how we wear it and when we wear it, have proven to be an expression of our influences and our social freedom. Using everyday clothes, to deliberate an political outlook has been used by many people in the past and has actually made a difference. By creating awareness and calling attention to a social issue.

Seeing many people dressed in a kind of uniform turned out to have a major political impact. But is political dressing a fashion trend? – the answer is yes. Many designers and brands have included political statements in their collections and shows in the past.

Dior show fall 2018 / Dior staged a 1968 protest, to advocate for women’s equality.


Tommy Hilfiger 2017 show / a campaign that encourages people to wear white bandanas to make a clear statement in support of human unity and inclusiveness.


Missoni Fall 2017 show/ models in hot pink Pussyhats,  symbols of protest and female solidarity that were created in honour of the Women’s March.