My three favorite African Designers of the week

As an online shopping addict, I am continuously browsing the internet for new styles and inspiration. But to my disappointment, everything just seemed to look the same these days, and I found myself bored by what my go-to online stores had to offer. So, I started researching African trends and designers, and I came across some mind-blowing creations that quite frankly I just need to share. Besides our Addis design stars, these are my top three African Designers that you need to check out!

Loza Maléombho

Raised between the Ivory Coast and the United States, Loza found her passion for fashion design when she was 13 years old. Receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation at the University of the Arts of Philadelphia and interning at major fashion houses in New York City. After establishing her brand in the big apple, she relocated to Côte d’Ivoire in 2012. Her modern and classy designs with an edgy NYC flair are a fusion between traditional cultures and contemporary fashion. Scroll down and be mesmerized by her playful cuts and her bold color combinations and fabrics.


Tiffany Amber

The Nigerian Law school graduate, Tiffany Amber, was born in Lagos but spent most of her childhood in Europe.
In spite of her master degree in Petroleum law, she was overpowered by her love for fashion. She started her fashion and lifestyle brand following her vision of empowering artisans from all over Africa. Revolutionizing the Nigerian fashion industry with her combination of traditional silhouettes, the rich aesthetics of African culture and a modern twist for the women of today.
Besides showcasing her collections at New York Fashion Week, she has won multiple prizes making her brand a global success. View below her body flattering flowy fabrics and original prints.

Washington Roberts

Inspired by his Grandmother at a young age, who taught him how to sew, and showed him how to turn a piece of fabric into something beautiful and wearable. The Nigerian born designer followed his love for fashion and design.
Infusing African culture into his timeless creations he brings a certain effortlessness to his pieces that charm every woman. Be inspired by the geometrical cuts, and the sheer, silky and vibrant materials of the New York made Label.