10 Spring street styles trending in europe right now

As we patiently wait for the upcoming South African Fashion Week and the street style in all its sunny trendy glory, we have taken some time to appreciate some of spring 2017’s style trends hitting the European streets right now. Check them out below.


The Winter to Spring Turtle Neck

Transitioning from Winter to spring can be a bit of a tricky process. However instead of rushingly retiring the winter-friendly turtlenecks in spring, fashionistas are wearing them in tissue-cotton textile and layering them under a denim shirt.

image source: www.elle.com


Shrugging Jacket

Forget about wearing your jacket the usual way. One of spring’s latest street style trends involves wearing jackets way below the shoulders. Yes, shrugging your jacket is a street style craze in Europe right now.

image source: www.elle.com


Undercorset Over Shirt

An undercorset worn over a basic stripped shirt with flare pants is an ‘it’ look this spring around the streets of Europe’s style capitals.

image source: www.elle.com

Satin Blazer

A colourful satin blazer with touches of flower power and paired with denim is a dream casual-chic attire.

image source: www.elle.com

Bright coloured Suits

One of the good things about Spring is the freedom of wearing minis without fear of freezing the legs and a colorful suit with a short skirt looks best without tights.

image source: www.vogue.co.uk


The term “athleisure” has now been officially added to the dictionary. The true beauty of athleisure is that it is both practical and completely fashionable. The relaxed and cool style blends sportswear with ready-to-wear to create styles that are chic and comfortable like this way to elevate track pants by styling them with heels.

image source: www.elle.com


Metallics are in right now and combining them with tie-dye equals winning looks being displayed along the streets of the stylish cities of Europe.

image source: www.glamour.com

Dress over jeans

Wearing dresses over jeans has never looked good as it does this spring. From lace dresses to floral printed ones, fashionistas have taken the dress + denim look to a whole new level.

image source: www.glamour.com

Bell Sleeved Tops

Bell sleeves are in the spotlight right now. Known to be dramatic, cool, stylish and effortless they are a current hit with the stylish ladies of Europe and are being paired with everything from skirts to shorts to jeans.

image source: www.streetmeetsme.com

Gold Goddess Gowns

Fashionistas are stand tall and majestic in gold dresses and gowns in fabrics that perfectly highlight their féminine forms this spring.

image source: www.glamour.com

Written by: Faith Katunga