Turtlenecks: Classy and perfect for all Seasons

Turtlenecks or Polo necks or whatever term we prefer have emerged back to the fashion scene. As a matter of fact, they were never totally gone. They’ve just been popularized again. Let’s travel through time and see how the turtlenecks were represented:

In the 20s and 30s, turtlenecks were mainly a middle-class fashion trend.

In the 50s, this style was a movement against the wearing of ties. Black turtlenecks were therefore very popular in this era, especially among students. Celebrities and Icons such as Audrey Hepburn were also seen with Black turtlenecks.

In the the 60s, turtlenecks were transformed into a business outfit, where they could be combined with blazers. The 1970s brought the turtlenecks in different color varieties as this time mostly stood for freedom.

In the 80s and 90s, the turtlenecks were mostly worn by artists and became more of a casual rather than business look. A popular example is Andy Warhol in his iconic turtleneck outfits.

Now turtlenecks are present again in our time. They are either seen in the street fashion or even high end fashion, as seen for example with Alexander Wang Resort 2016. Music and Fashion Icons such as Rihanna brought turtlenecks to the taste of the younger generation. Today’s generation uses the freedom to combine turtlenecks in many different ways, from dark and grey simplistic looks through edgy bright colors to outgoing or chic styles.

Blog post by: Kwadwo O. Ansah – FA254