Bring the African warmth to you

Winter is the time of year, where we layer up and get our onion-look going. But like so often, it’s the little things that are most important.
Accessories always give your outfit the finishing touch. Various designers have shown us their accessories creations already in fall. When it comes to gloves, it’s all about the long cinderella glove. Not only glove predictions were made but hats and scarves. Clearly our most essential winter items.

When it comes to headwear designers gave us everything. From French berets to matching headwear that goes with a whole outfit. So this winter we absolutely got everything covered. So be excited to choose whoever you want to be!
Maybe a chic Parisienne blowing smoke into the cold air? The woman with the cosy but colourful knitted hats? The riding girl that takes her helmet out of the stables and on a stroll in the city? The sassy girl rocking the Russian fur look?

And last but not least its again all about the big chunky scarves to keep you warm. So what better way is there to bring some of the african warmth to you that with beautiful Masai blankets? You can just wrap it around your necking and there goes your unique chunky scarf. The perfect winter Accessories!
so now its up to you…p8_3


Blog post by: Isabel Zoe Schrobsdorff-Pabst