Rip your way through Fall

Ripped jeans were a big thing during summer, but know we’re standing knee deep in red and yellow leaves there is no reason to take off our favourite pair of ripped denims. Throughout this whole year I have seen various styles of ripped jeans. Blue, black, grey, stone washed, a little slit under the knees, or jeans that barely looked wearable. - - – –

Autumn is the time of year where we secretly get excited for the cold days to come. To finally have an excuse to stay inside and be cosy. And for those last days of sun, a pair of ripped jeans can officially be baptised as the perfect fall fashion item! You can mix and match them with whatever you feel like! It will always give a kind of edge to your outfit. - - –×0.jpg?device=desktop –×0.jpg?device=desktop

Even if its 7 am in the morning, still dark outside, and you’re struggling to get out of bed. Let alone find something to wear that won’t destroy your fashionista reputation at work or college, if you got your perfect fit of ripped denims on your legs, you are ready to take it on with the last weeks of autumn. A cosy sweater, a long coat, some heels or just your favourite pair of worn out sneakers, will always make a fabulous fall outfit with your self made, or purchased pair of Texas ripped jeans massacre.

Blog post by: Isabel Zoe Schrobsdorff-Pabst