Sneakers- From Streets To Runway And Back

Chanel, 2014 - Calvin Klein -

Chanel, 2014 – Calvin Klein –

Sneakers have been a big theme since last year in the high fashion world. While the last couple of weeks various shows have shown us, that the sneaker trend still hasn’t stopped. And thank God for that!
Many high fashion labels have brought sneakers into their collections giving a certain kind of casual easiness to the clothes and the brand. And this kind of casual easiness has also taken the street style world by storm.

Since sneakers aren’t only shoes anymore, but serious fashion items. Every fashionista knows: she ain’t a real one without some dope sneakers!
I myself went over to the comfortable side a few years ago and I don’t plan on leaving it. - –

They come in every colour, fabric and style- and because of that they are the ultimate fashion item. You can combine them to every outfit, bringing a kind of sporty ease to it, while staying full on chic. The days of heels, boots and every other shoes are long gone!
Here are some pictures of the many different sneaker styles and my favourite sneaker combined outfits. - -  rick-owens-ss14 – – rick-owens-ss14

Blog post by: Isabel Zoe Schrobsdorff-Pabst